Sunday, 26 July 2020

Brother's love

As they wake up in the early morning, they are eating breakfast and after eating their breakfast, the boy is making a never ending smile as they walk outside of the house to play in the neighborhood.

While they were playing in the neighborhood. The dog saw them playing so the dog ran at his sister but the sister’s brother protected her from the dog’s scratch and hit his face.

When the dog scratched the brother’s face, he cried a lot and became unconscious. After that his Mother saw his son’s face and she was shocked then she took him to the hospital with his sister.

While at the hospital in a few days later, He woke up and hugged his mom for taking care of him then his mom told him to look him in the mirror and then he look and saw his face all stitched up with a bit of dry blood but he was still proud for protecting his sister from the dog scratch. 

Royal Majesty on Twitter: "A 6 years old boy risk his life to save ...

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