Sunday, 8 March 2020

Match Box Diary (Drama)

                         Match Box Diary (Steam Ship Station)

-In the Steam Ship Station with the First night the ground of the steamship station was cement. People were sleeping, snoring and walking. I saw a bottle cap for the first time. It was really cold, someone woke up and said "Shush be Quiet!"
and there was no more noise. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Blog Profile 2020

                       My Blog Profile 2020
Hi my name is Chadwick, I’m 12. I am from the Philippines. I am in year 7, Rm. 8 at St. Patrick's School and my teacher is Ms. George. My goal is to work hard and practice at sports. My favorite hobbies are Soccer and Racing.  I like Ramen, French Toast, Pancakes, Iced Tea and Spaghetti. My favorite colors are Blue and Violet and for animals it’s Huskies and Cheetahs! My favorite ice cream is Vanilla.

A Memory by Chadwick

                               "A Memory by Chadwick"
My Memory goes to a movie I saw with my family, as I 
came into the theatre, I smelt sour cream. I couldn't 
resist so I bought some and began eating them as I sat down in my comfortable chair. The audience was shouting because all of the dusted heroes came back and were fighting Thanos & his Alien Army. felt like "WOW!!!!" and in the end I felt sad because Iron- Man didn't make it...
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Masks (Poem)

This Poem was made by Shel Silverstein and 
it was introduced to us by Stacey in Drama.
In our Drama we did Freeze Frames, Role on the wall, Hot Seating and group Activity Together and it was really Fun in Drama with Inspirations.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Math Line Graph by Chadwick

Math Line Graph
-M.L.G is where you put lines in the chart.

-This is what is looks like.

-it's like the line are going up or down because of what's today or something else.

-What i learned is the Temperature from January
of how hot and cold it is.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Explanation Writing by Chadwick

Walt: Use the correct structure for the purpose of writing an Explanation.

Question: Why is having electricity in our homes important?

Big Idea: Electricity plays an important role in keeping our homes warm, light and powered for technology making our life easier.
Image result for Light bulb -We use light to see in the dark and use it to see better with it , When its black-out then we use candles or flashlights because flashlights has battery inside it that has Electric bolts in the battery.

-Electricity is important in our homes as it runs our appliances. Washing clothes makes our clothes clean because our clothes were dirty from going outside like exploring or playing, Our Clothes are made of cloth. In order to wash your clothes, you need a washing machine but if you can't afford it you need a washing liquid and some water from the tap and you need to hand scrub your clothes. Makes your life easier.Image result for Washing clothes
-Electricity heats our water so you can use it to wash your dishes or your body. Washing our dishes in hot water kills the germs and makes our dishes dry faster. Hot Water helps us clean our bodies and keeps us comfortable when we are showering. No one likes a cold shower!
Hot water is important because it helps us kill germs and makes our shower more comfortable.
Image result for Hot waterImage result for Hot water
-Electricity powers our appliances and our lights making our lives much easier, safer and brighter.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Euphrasie Barbier

Adèle Euphrasie Barbier was a New Zealand Roman Catholic nun, teacher and religious founder of the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions RNDM (Sometimes called Mission Sisters).Born on Jan 4th 1823 and Died 1893

Barbier was a woman of strong personality, determined to maintain her independence to develop and direct her institute free of detailed supervision by local bishops. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions made a major contribution to both Maori and Pakeha education.

I would like to follow in the footsteps of Euphrasie Barbier by being successful and determined in whatever I am doing.

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