Thursday, 21 October 2021

Would you Rather... (Part 5) by Chadwick

 If I was to choose Gills to breathe underwater or Wings to fly.

I chose Wings because I wanted to fly to Japan and some other countries that I really want to visit like the Seven Wonders of the world or stuff that I want to do. If I chose Gills then I would have been Aquaman to go and explore the underwater world , I might even expose the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle or what's the bottom of the deepest trench like Mariana trench but I still choose wings to fly.

Would you Rather... (Part 4) by Chadwick

 Would you rather choose between Stopping time or Going back in time?

I chose going back in time because I would do it to fix my mistakes from the past and the time to visit the years when I wasn't born, Listening to Old popular musics such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, M.J and some other musicians that I adore.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

I would Rather... (Part 3) by Chadwick

 If I was choosing between read minds or talking to animals

I rather read people’s minds because you might never know what they’re thinking or can’t do while blinking. Like lying, tricking or pranking you or even knowing the truth deep inside, by just one look you already know from the outside.

Monday, 18 October 2021

I would Rather... (Part 2) by Chadwick

 Would you rather be a Wizard or a Superhero?

Well.. I chose to be a Superhero because I want to help everyone including my family to have their best lives. Never go sad, be positive as always, that's another reason to live a good life.

"I don't expect you to BE the best but I expect you to GIVE your best."

Sunday, 17 October 2021

I would Rather... By Chadwick

 Would you rather Jump on Clouds or Slide down a Rainbow?

I rather jump on clouds because the higher I go, the more beautiful view of the world and space above. If I go sliding down a rainbow, it feels like I'm going to a different dimension like candy land, another reason for it is, when sliding down a rainbow it lessens your view of the world and that’s not beautiful at all. 

P.S: I do not like candy land at all, too sweet.

Sunday, 8 August 2021

The Difference of Medals in the Olympics 2021

 Today in the 9th of August, Me and my classmates researched about Number of medals in certain countries in the Olympics. To know the difference of medals in each country we chose to do 4 graphs, we researched about the Number of medals of all the countries that played in the Olympics. I personally chose these 4 different countries such as U.S.A, Japan, China and Great Britain. To see my Graphs, Click Here below this paragraph:

Thursday, 5 August 2021

My Greek God poster

 After we did the differences of the Ancient and Current Olympics. Each of us has to do a poster of one of the Greek Gods that was presented in a slide, the choices were Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon, for me I chose Poseidon because his power was about commanding the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses. Here are some of Poseidon's Information that is below this. 

Now down here is my personal drawing of Poseidon from my own hands