Thursday, 1 August 2019

My autobiography -by Chadwick

Learning Intention- W.A.L.T-write our autobiography.

I am Chadwick. I am 11 years old. February 2008 is my birthday.
My parents are Charmagne and Jonathan.My annoying brother is Xyjohn. I don't have sisters.

 I have my doctor Jenna and my gym coach Uncle Joal. My grandparents are Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Alicia. My favorite Book is Geronimo Stilton.My Favorite sports are Basketball,Volleyball, And Soccer.My Favorite Songs are Nevada,Let You Down,Paralyzed,Queen, and Circus.
My Favorite Subjects are P.E and Math.

My favorite Tv programmes are Bunk'd,Gravity Falls, and Boboiboy Galaxy.My Favorite Foods are Noodles and Pancakes.My Best Friends are Roman, Benjamin, Matthew, Giselle, Paul, Ofa, Tyrah, Deva, Augustine, Amiel, Peter and Yesha.