Thursday, 13 May 2021

Diary Entry: The Yellow Umbrella (2)

 Dear Diary,

I told her my past, she changed completely after hearing my story.. She must've felt really bad it's like here personality switched from fiery hot headed to nature's cooling breeze. She gave me her bright yellow umbrella just as a comfort to remember my dad, I cried happily. My eyes came from pure darkness to seeing a taint of light looking like a hand that pulled me out of the shadows. I see my dad being proud of me, so proud that I was able to fight my bad past to move and live a good life. It doesn't matter that you left me, I will always love you forever dad.. Goodbye.

Monday, 10 May 2021

Room 8 Sailing

 On May 10th of 2021 (Monday) we traveled across to Okahu Bay in a comfortable bus to learn sailing. I felt lots of emotions on the journey but mostly nervous and excited.

Here we are listening to our instructor explaining how to get our boat ready for sailing and being safe. Our Instructor told us to attach the sail and other different parts of our boats to make the sail go up. My sailing buddy and I didn't have a problem after we'd done it a second time.

This was our first try.

This was our second try and now the sail can work properly.

Our boat was the Yellow 5, my sailing buddy and I had trouble balancing our boat. Capsized!

This was not our boat!
There was a lot of laughter and screaming. My sailing buddy and I screamed a lot just because we kept crashing into other boats. Classmates got wet but not harmed during our sailing - the water was shallow and we were wearing our life jackets.
Thank you St. Johns Rotary and Yachting New Zealand for sponsoring and inspiring us to have fun learning to sail. I had a wonderful experience sailing for the 1st time in my life. 

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Prayers in Color

This term in R.E we are learning about different ways to pray. Today we did a prayer in color praying for all those who need us at this time.


Diary Entry: The Yellow Umbrella

Diary Entry:
This is a diary entry I have written in response to a short animated movie we are studying for literative.

Dear Diary, 
Before my mom died from cancer, she gave me the only gift I ever wanted, a Yellow Umbrella. It makes me remember my mom till now. I moved to an orphanage by my mom's friend, it has been 3 years since I've been here in this building. Everyday the sky is always gloomy even if it's a bright sunny day, Every time I look outside a window at the Attic, it's like my mom wanted to show me the world where other life awaits in my journey one day. The past I remember is just light and dark forcing me to choose a side.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Clay: Value by Chadwick

 Today we discussed our values. We had to dig deep and think hard about what really counts.

I chose a "Mountain" as something I valued because it means that I am looking at the journey ahead and no mountain can stop me. 

We created our value in clay so we could think about our values more and what it meant to us personally.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Stations of the Cross 2021

 On the first day of April, Thursday of Holy Week, we did our Stations of the Cross. I am proud of myself and my friends for doing really great job in our roles and holding our characters. We tried our hardest to make it understandable for the younger children.

We did the story called "The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ"

Jesus was getting an crucified for doing something wrong when he didn't do anything.

Pontius Pilate put the Crown of Thorns on the head of Jesus Christ.

Jesus has been nailed and died on the cross as a symbol of his Sacrifice.

In the end the younger children put crosses at the stage knowing that we Love Jesus as always.

Narrators: Ellma and Aleenah
Jesus Christ: Augustine
Pontius Pilate: Ofa
Guards: Chaning, Amiel, Eli, Peter, Roman and Matthew
Simon: Xavier
Simon's Friends: Chadwick, Sione and Paul
Women of Jerusalem: April, Angelina, Deva and Lupe
Veronica: Asinate
Veronica's Friends: Tyrah, Leonie, Desiree, Ana and Erich

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Journal Level 3 May 2020: The Longest Walk (2021 Version)

 The Longest Walk

The Rapsey family started walking from Cape Reinga all the way down to Bluff. They used the route called Te Araroa, which means “The Long Pathway”.

The Rapsey family started walking from Cape Reinga all the way down to Bluff.

The areas the family passed through were Te Oneroa-a-Tohe on the 2nd day of their walk, Te Oneroa is a Ninety Mile Beach and has 88 kilometres of sand. Next they reached Tamaki Makaurau which is a major city in the north island of New Zealand. They then visited the Blue Lake, The Blue Lake has one of the clearest freshwater in the world even if the bottom of the lake is 70 metres deep, you can still see the bottom.

The Rapsey Family stayed at Tramping Huts and houses.


90 mile beach, Northland | Bay of islands, New zealand beach, New zealand  holidays

Te Oneroa-a-Tohe also known as The Ninety Mile Beach (88 miles)

Blue Lake New Zealand clearest water in the world | Travel Blog

The Lake Tikitapu known as The Blue Lake, It is one of the Clearest freshwater's in the world also The bottom of the lake is 70 metres deep.

I feel like I want to explore the world with my family because it made me inspire reading that kind of story where they start at Cape Reinga and stopped at Bluff.