Sunday, 5 December 2021

Reindeer Story by Chadwick

 Kevin: Hey Tyler, there’s the hot dogs stand I've been talking about

Tyler: where?

Kevin: near that bridge

Marcus: Boys now is not the time for hot dogs, we gotta do our job.

Kevin: man - why you gotta ruin the joy out of everything

Marcus: because I am your eldest brother and i have to take care of you and the others

Ron: Yea, remember the last time we went out last year? We were in the middle of a world travel Christmas giving presents mission? You guys messed the mission up just for a freaking food that you saw on the window while Santa was putting the presents, someone was awake and saw us, Santa was disappointed and you guys promised to not do it again.

Kevin: but Ron we are hungry we haven’t had food since yesterday

Layla: Now Now don’t be whiny - we’ll eat after we’ve done the mission

Kevin: Layla we’ve been doing this for over 7-8 hrs, i'm staring at so many open restaurants along the way…

Santa: Another year, another day of Christmas.

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