Tuesday, 17 November 2020

High Dive Giraffes

 After the giraffes stop, another giraffe is hanging upside-down and the music changes into a terrifying horrific sound. The giraffes stood there looking like they are thinking of something. They want to save the giraffe that is upside-down. The giraffe sees a CCTV cam, it's like someone is trying to watch or kill them. The giraffe licks or uses it's head to block it from watching them. The tower of giraffes help the upside-down giraffe back down to the ground. The tower of giraffes run to find the exit of the facility. As they run, 10 minutes later they find the exit to get away from the building forever and stay back in the wildlife forever. (My version)

(Original Version) High Dive Giraffes

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